Vehicles and driving adapted to respect for the environment

  • All our trucks are EURO 5 or 6 certified.
  • Ambroise Bouvier Transports is labeled "CO2 Label" which provides for a reduction of CO2 emissions:
    • This objective therefore affects the choice of tyres, the consumption of oil, the way of driving and the tracking of indicators.
    • We employ safety and environment trainers.

«The training provided in the group is part of a process of continuous improvement of driving. The objective is to make it smoother and to ensure that the driver is more relaxed at the wheel. By reducing stress and tiredness, we act directly on safety (prevention of accidents through better anticipation).
Moreover, thanks to these preventive actions, the AMBROISE BOUVIER group has better control over its fuel consumption and limits wear of the parts (brakes, clutch, tyres, etc.). Finally, and this is not simply a minor benefit currently, we are reducing CO2 emissions.”»

Martial Figaro

In-house trainer, Ambroise Bouvier

«In particular I am responsible for tracking consumption. It has become a real priority within the AMBROISE BOUVIER group. We have developed an awareness-raising policy for our drivers including regular follow-up and support, by the firm’s reference trainers, for those drivers having the most problems with changing their driving habits.
If the set of indicators exceed the acceptable averages, I call the drivers concerned to remind them of the need to change their way of driving.
I tell them their figures and give them instructions on how to correct their shortcomings and acquire better driving habits.
Gradually we are managing to raise awareness the drivers that it is in everyone’s interest to have better control of consumption. It is both a challenge in terms of management, but also in terms of respect for the environment. »

Delphine Blin

Operations Management Assistant, Ambroise Bouvier