Ambroise Bouvier in brief

Agencies in France
m² of Warehouses

Our 10 agencies are spread over the North and West of France:

  • Ernée (dept. 53)
  • Laval (dept. 53)
  • Ploërmel (dept. 56)
  • Pontivy (dept. 56)
  • Lorient (dept. 56)
  • Rennes (dept. 35)
  • Ploubalay (dept. 22)
  • Le Mans (dept. 72)
  • Tours (dept. 37)
  • Vitry en Artois (dept. 62)

 Premises of over 30,000 m² providing:

  • storage of goods in bulk , frozen, in racks, hazardous products
  • stock management and cross-docking
  • order preparation

Our fleet includes 430 trucks for 490 trailers distributed as follows:

  • 410 tautliners semi-trailers from 2.70 to 3.20 m
  • 70 refrigerated semi-trailer mono and bi temperature / mono rail and birail (for meat in particular)
  • 10 grain containers and moving floor semi-trailer trucks

Sales of €65 million which is equally divided between:

  • the automotive sector
  • the agro-food industry
  • other industries and Construction

Our Company...

.... composed of 4 different entities

Société de Transport Maurice Bouvier (STMB)

Founded in 1974 by Maurice Bouvier and these children Huguette Ambroise and Guy Bouvier.

STMB is now a holding company which owns Bonnier SA (which becomes Ambroise Bouvier Transports) since 1989 and Le Ray Logistique since 2012.

Ambroise Bouvier Transports (ABT)

ABT holds Ambroise Bouvier Froid and Ambroise Bouvier Bretagne (Hery).

Result of the acquisition of Bonnier SA in 1989 by Huguette Ambroise and Guy Bouvier then renamed Ambroise Bouvier Transports in 1993.

ABT specializes in road transport of goods (pallet, bulk, etc.).

Ambroise Bouvier Bretagne (ABB)

Subsidiary Company specializing in transport in Brittany, throughout France and Italy.

Ambroise Bouvier Bretagne is the result of the development of the parent company in Brittany in 1994 in Pontivy (56).

In 2010, Transports Hery International is acquired by ABT and integrated into ABB.

Ambroise Bouvier Froid (ABF)

Subsidiary Company specializing in refrigerated and temperature controlled transport.

ABF is the result of the acquisition of Transports Galopin in 1996.

Le Ray Transports & Logistique

Company of Ploërmel (56) bought by STMB in 2012. From now on, Le Ray is the logistics and distribution division of the Ambroise Bouvier group.

Le Ray Transports & Logistique website