• Deliveries
  • Accumulation storage and storage in racks
  • Administrative management
  • Shipments
Logistics service: industry and supermarkets
  • Deliveries
  • Accumulation storage and storage in racks
  • Destuffing and reloading of containers
  • Order preparation, picking
  • Shipments
  • Computerised administrative management (LE RAY system, Customer Systems). Bar code reading
  • Preparation of delivery notes, stock and movement reports
  • FIFO management according to several criteria
  • Traceability
  • Management of alert thresholds, expiry dates
  • Dedicated means of transport managed by the warehouses
Logistics engineering
  • Design, management of logistics projects
  • Preparation and analysis of the specifications
  • Drafting of service contracts
  • Drafting of procedural manuals (Customer Quality Plan)
  • Implementation and production of the case files
Automotive logistics integrated into the automotive industry
  • Transport of upstream supplies
  • Deliveries
  • Quality control
  • Storage
  • Computerised management of stocks and flows
  • Supply management
  • Triggering of orders
  • Order preparation, picking
  • Shipments
  • Supply of finishing workshops
  • Management of empty packaging and ordinary industrial waste (OIW) processing
  • Raw material and component shuttles by truck, dock unloading and supply to manufacturing workshops
  • Finished products shuttles by truck and dock unloading (synchronous or automatic replenishment below a set threshold) to manufacturers or OEMs
  • Shuttles of finished products by electric trucks and delivery to the edge of the assembly line on the manufacturer’s site

Transport, lifting, handling and delivery on industrial sites, on construction sites or on farms, of palletised goods, indivisible masses and lengths using:

  • Semi-trailer trucks with forklift
  • Flat cargo beds with drop sides and forklift
  • Flat cargo beds
Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding of complete and partial lots to and from the whole of France and the European Union by our Freight forwarding department in partnership with regular and loyal Freight Forwarders.