« We have worked with Ambroise Bouvier Froid for over 10 years. Almost every day, they load carcasses or cuts of meat that they deliver to our wholesalers in the region or in Italy. They are always punctual with their deliveries and look after our goods. Their equipment is in good condition and regularly checked. I have no memory of ever having had any problems with them. They provide a really good service.” »

Michel Gaumerais

ABERA (Dept. 35)

« We’ve been working with Ambroise Bouvier Transports since 1990. I am pretty sure that I’ve never seen a non-compliance sheet about them. They rigorously observe the loading dates and Qualimat Transports specifications. In addition, when we work together, things run very smoothly as we communicate a lot. We can always rely on them. And if we need an urgent delivery, they do their utmost to meet our demand.»

Thierry Toutain


« We have worked for several years with this family-run Company. We particularly appreciate its professionalism, the quality of communication and its responsiveness in crisis situations. Its full understanding of our requirements and our specific demands make it an indispensable partner. The energy of its manager, fully aware of the continuing evolution of the profession, is a guarantee
for the future. »

Henri Smetana

MFP Michelin

« We import milk powder from France for animals and seeds. Most of these shipments are transported by Ambroise Bouvier Transports. We have been working with them for 15 years. They are conscientious, reliable and always punctual. This punctuality is essential, without which we lose production and sales. Their trucks have never broken down and accidents are very rare. If we need to transport greater volumes, they are able to adapt. Their prices are satisfactory. Our points of contacts with them are polite and clear. It really is the best transporter that we have ! »


SIVAM (Italie)

« For over 10 years, we have entrusted Ambroise Bouvier Transports with part of our shipments of lots to France and Northern Italy. The transport service is crucial for us: it contributes to the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we only work with partners that we have carefully selected, which are well aware of our constraints and which have been able to integrate our corporate culture. Ambroise Bouvier Transports has a fleet of trucks in good condition, some of which painted in our colours: their drivers are conscientious and professional. We operate in a market that requires a high degree of responsiveness and our schedule is very fluid. Some of the printed matter that we ship is perishable. If the information arrives too late, it no longer has any value… which makes us very demanding as regards respect of the delivery date. Ambroise Bouvier Transports has been able to develop a positive attitude over time, making its best efforts to find solutions to our demands. »

Pascal Touchefeu

Responsable Achats chez AGIR GRAPHIC (53)

« Ambroise Bouvier Transports has been our partner for over 10 years. A year ago, having refocused our stock and our logistics, we chose them for all our shipments from Italy and Spain. This represents 80% of our sales. Transport is an integral part of our business and so the choice of transporter is very important. Ambroise Bouvier Transports is a family business: it means they have an attitude which suits us very well. They have been able to offer satisfactory prices. And above all they have a very good quality of service. It this is the primary reason that we work with them. They have established a weekly shuttle system to Italy which meets our needs.”»

Alain Fortin

Carré & Deco, Fortin Design